If you run 'check' with no options, does it default to only checking the most recent snapshot?

If I set up a ‘check’ job on a particular storage folder but I do not specify any additional options, will duplicacy simply check the most recent snapshot rather than going through the entire snapshot tree?

if I were to add options like -files, or -chunks … I want to make sure that unless I specify a snapshot ID or the -all command, that by default the other options will only apply to the latest/most recent snapshot.

In the above picture, I want to make sure that the behavior from configuring the job this way would result in a ‘check’ of the ‘archive’ storage’s most recent snapshot/latest/most current backup.

The web GUI will add -a by default so it will check all snapshots from all IDs on that storage. There is a bug that if you specify -id to check snapshots from a single ID it should not add -a automatically. This bug will be fixed in the coming release.

How do I specify only the most recent snapshot without having to do it by ID number. Since I want to automate this.