Ignore Input/Output Errors?

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I’m using rclone to mount a WebDAV of DriveHQ.
DriveHQ occasionally “locks” files. This happens when a user opens the file, and it results in an Input/Output error. This isn’t a bug, it is a feature, unfortunately. It has its uses, so I can’t disable it on DriveHQ. Some files have been uploaded by users with other problems, causing an Unexpected End of File, also resulting in I/O errors.

I’d like to back up DriveHQ with Duplicacy, but when it hits the first I/O error, it fails and halts the backup.

Is there a flag I can pass to ignore errors, skip the failed file, and continue the backup? I’d rather get most of it, than nearly none of it. And the chances are, next time I run a backup, whatever files were open will be closed.