Implement basic retry logic for Dropbox

I just tried running my first backup with a Dropbox storage, and put the computer to sleep inbetween. Upon awakening, it just failed with the following error, likely because of the network not being available immediately:

06:58:07 Uploaded chunk 9437 size 1058213, 3.07MB/s 01:58:36 67.9%
09:59:12 Failed to upload the chunk d5615aa0c6e597f6b813ae9279118c7b79f21afe4ea7b5909998086b8536b603: Post read tcp> wsarecv: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.
09:59:14 Incomplete snapshot saved to C:\Users\user\Dropbox\Backup\Duplicacy\preferences\local_c/incomplete
09:59:14 Error executing command: exit status 100

Is there a way to force retries with a configurable timeout when the Internet is not available (this can be checked easily with Windows APIs)? There are also APIs to know if the connection is metered (might be worth implementing an option at some point to wait until connection is not metered). I already have the code to detect this in C# if it helps.

In all cases, Duplicacy should have a basic logic retry for at least 5mn (make this configurable) so it takes care of most minor Internet disconnections or other server error (such as throttling with Dropbox). Of course knowing the Internet connection status beforehand can avoid useless retries.