Include symlinks within a folder

There seems to be no way to include symlinks within a folder.
I considered to collect all links in folder backup_links.

disk f:




Listing backup_links/
backup_links/symlink1 is included by pattern +backup_links/*
backup_links/symlink2 is included by pattern +backup_links/*

and that’s all. No listings of symlinks. Content of main_folder is included.

OS: Windows, duplicacy_win_x64_2.2.3

There isn’t a way to specify that a pattern can only be applied to symlinks (is this what you want?).

I created a folder inside repository that contains only links to folders on other disks. I can’t get duplicacy to save files within these links.

From my understanding, symlinks are only followed at the root level of the repository. In that case, why not create a new repository elsewhere for just these links; i.e. point a repository directly at backup_links?


Thanks, I didn’t know that. It not so convient, but looks there is no other choice.

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