Incomplete backup because of e.g. locked files?

Does that really make sense? I backed up, in an initial backup, a lot of garbage because %userprofile% is included. Backup may be finished, but it dropped errors of course, because ntuser.dat etc.
I thought “so what”, but restore is not possible, because there is no revision.

Now that makes me thinking. Filtering may be an endless task, because there may be exclusively locked files which prevent creating a complete backup revision?

Use the -vss flag to capture in-use files. You’ll have to make sure Duplicacy is running with Administrator privileges for this to work.

Thing is, I don’t need to capture them - Duplicacy could just write down a warning, but backup all other files. Otherwise I’d never be safe from backup not happening, just because of an unimportant locked file.
Those nasty moments when you realize (after a loooong time) that something didn’t work where you thought it worked many times…, where something wasn’t included… etc.

@Droolio i am a newbie, and using a commercial web gui version and am wondering where to set the -vss flag.

i noticed in the backup logs the following:

2022-03-29 00:00:29.688 WARN SKIP_FILE File QuickBooks/companyfile.qbw cannot be opened
2022-03-29 00:00:29.688 WARN SKIP_FILE File QuickBooks/companyfile.qbw.TLG cannot be opened

this happens to be the most important file, and also one to be constantly in use.

thanks! loving Duplicacy so far!

In the Schedule tab, click the little hyphen under the Options column:


Put -vss in the first field and save.

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got it sorted. thank you @Droolio