Incremental Backups?

Hey all,

So with my limited use of Duplicacy thus far, I could already be missing something obvious. I was wondering if Duplicacy supports incremental backups ? I ask as I have some very large file sets that get backed up to my cloud solution. With these file sets being so large, it can take a good while for the backups to complete.

I already have a completed backup of my file sets but noted that when I go to re-backup it looks to create a whole new backup of the entire file set as opposed to just backing up the changes. Is there a way for Duplicacy to only backup new/altered files ?

Many Thanks!

Duplicacy does this by default. After the first backup, everything is incremental - only new/modified files are examined (unless you specify the -hash flag), and even within those modified files, only the relevant parts (chunks) of the file which has changed will get uploaded.