Initial backup to B2 back to scratch again?

I was doing an initial backup to B2 for about a week now. My computer is being turned of daily. Every day I can see Duplicacy resuming from where it left, so I figured the backup will eventually complete.

However today I noticed the blue progress bar status in the “Schedule” tab seems to be back to zero. I checked B2 destination, it still contains about 3,000+ files /16+ GB.

My question is, did Duplicacy really started again from scratch? How can I make it continue where it left off?

See How to properly do an initial backup to B2?

I’ve also noticed that when an incomplete backup is restarted, the % restarts as well. It’s basically saying hat it’s 0% done what hasn’t yet been backed up, not 0% done everything.


That’s a nice way of putting it into words, thanks!

@gchen, if this is so, I think it is rather confusing. Any chance of fixing this?

If the percentage cannot be changed to reflect the overall progress, I would think that it should at least be made transparent (in the CLI output) that duplicacy is indeed building on previous partial backups.