Initialization on Linux

OK clearly I’m missing something simple. I’m trying to get Duplicacy up and running (eventually on freebsd in a jail, but crawl before run) on Centos 7. Download the x64 binary, rename to something simple, mod to executable, move to /usr/local/sbin, and just execute, right? I get “Failed to load configuration file: open /root/dwe-dir/dwe-config.json: no such file or directory”. Full permissions on the directory (running as root, too!). Tried in a variety of permutations: non-root user, touch the file first (gives unexpected end of file instead), etc.

Given that I can’t find this issue anywhere in the forum, I’ve clearly overlooked something extremely trivial. What’s the stupid simple thing I’m missing?

Don’t rename. Or rename into something trivial a like “Duplicacy”. Otherwise it thinks it is branded version and tries to load branding. IIRC.

You recall correctly–that was it. Much obliged.

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