Installation of Duplicacy web-based GUI in OMV in a docker container


I have OMV with Docker/Portainer running, and I would like to install the Duplicacy web-based GUI in a container.

I have found the docker image for Duplicacy from saspus, but I have no idea of how to proceed with the installation/configuration (I’m a newbie with Docker).

Could someone give me a hand?

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Thiago S.

There is no need to use docker if you don’t want to. Containers are supposed to simplify things, but depending on your system, it can make things more difficult. (For example, if AppArmor or SELinux are active. I don’t know if they are on OMV)

There is nothing preventing you from running duplicacy directly though, it’s already a self-contained executable. You would need to write or adapt a service wrapper for the service manager that OMV uses and define HOME variable to point to where you want Duplicacy to store the config.

This post describes how to do it on Synology: Duplicacy Web on Synology Diskstation without Docker | Trinkets, Odds, and Ends. You can adapt it to OMV.

I hear you, I am a gui guy and struggle with using CLI Syntax. I can do it just prefer not to… LOL

I am using docker in unraid, running the image and just mapped the storage location to the container I want to back up. I am mainly doing this to send data to BB-B2

Once you learn how to mount paths of your docker, you should start seeing those as options in the gui when trying to select backup paths or restore paths

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Thank you very much for your advice. I am currently running Duplicacy directly with OMV (I have configured it as a systemd service, and whenever I need to access the Web-based GUI, I do so via SSH port tunneling).

As a reminder for OMV users, it is necessary to activate the TCP port forwarding in Services>>SSH>>TCP por forwarding to allow the SSH tunneling.

The GUI is quite straightforward to figure out to do, and this Forum has a great deal of information that I will be considering reading for the next few days in order to get familiar with all the features/possibilities.

Are you good on your question ?

I set up a test storage and test restore location when I was learning the GUI.

I would back up around 209 megs worth of photos and add more and back up again so I can see the revisions, then restore them in another location so I was comfortable with the features and see what issues I would have in my environment.

I did a similar thing to do my testing. Regarding your question, I would say yes. I gave up about running it in a container with OMV, but it is working pretty well as a systemd service.