installer problems on win8.1 pro


installer executable is duplicacy_installer_win64_2.0.9.exe.

  • no options are presented. user should be shown the planned installation directory first before the deed is actually done
  • installer doesn’t automatically try to escalate privileges, forcing the user to left click executable to run as admin
  • with admin, installation is to c:\program files (x86)\duplicacy. this is wrong for a 64bit executable
  • installed command line executable includes the version number. this shouldn’t be the case as it breaks all scripts on upgrade


I agree with the first 3 but not the last one. Including the version number in the executable name significantly improvement the version-awareness which can be very helpful in certain cases. If you really worry about breaking existing scripts you can run the new installer to overwrite the existing installation without uninstalling it first. The old executable will not be removed if you upgrade this way.