Invalid or expired license during trial


i am currently trying Duplicacy on unraid.
So far so good.

However, as soon as i want to start the backup I get “Invalid or expired license”. When I click on trial it shows me “This computer is running with a trial license that will expire on 2021-08-31.”

The logs only show “2021/08/05 23:18:39 Failed to request a license: activate”

I mean, I dont want to active the license, I just want to try it.

Any hints?

Just a guess: maybe your hostname changing?

The license is bound to machine id and hostname.

Machine id is persisted by the container in the machine-id file, but the hostname is provided by docker. If you run it as part of compose or swarm the hostname may be changing, invalidating the license.

I’d recommend nuke machine id file and license file, make sure hostname does not change from launch to launch and restart the container.

Also make sure is accessible.

Try to remove the license file ( /mnt/user/appdata/Duplicacy/license.json) and restart the docker. If the problem remains, send me the new license file via message.