Is Discourse Voting useful for us?

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For example here: Mount duplicacy snapshot as a virtual filesystem, there is this comment with only a +1.

That comment is not adding anything to the discussion but at the same time you cannot ignore it as it is a user who wants that feature. Problem with +1’s is that you cannot find out how many people +1’d and how many people actually added something useful to a topic.

To solve this problem i was wondering if we could make use of the Voting plugin.

Each person will have 5 votes by default (or maybe something lower) and they will have to vote on the features they find most useful.
This could also be useful for @gchen in prioritizing what he implements next.

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I personally think this would be absolutely awesome.

While “Like the post” button will somewhat overlap with the functionality, having explicit voting is very appropriate for feature requests; it will give users that don’t “like” posts normally another opportunity to engage and express opinion in a single click.

This could also be useful for @gchen in prioritizing what he implements next.

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This will only indicate what vocal forum goers want, and depending of what percentage is that of total customer base it may or may not be indicative, but still a data point

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I would much prefer if people simply start liking posts. Likes are a crucial metric on the forum, both for compiling dugdst emails and for ranking search results. The bigger the forum gets, the morr important it will be that people usr the :heart: button.

I also think that the voting button sends wrong signals for two reasons: it suggests that the implementation of new features is based on number of votes, and it creates a sense of competition between different feature requests. Neither is conducive to good discussion.


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