Is Duplicacy development just on maintenance mode now?

Reviewing the past 6 months of development there has been very few commits.

Are there any features being secretly worked on? And if the speed of development is going to change then when?

The development has slowed down, but by no means it is on maintenance mode. It has been slow largely because I have been working on a big change to optimize the memory usage. This change basically rewrites the entire backup and restore procedures and affects many source files, so I want to hold back other changes for now.


Funny - I am running into what I think is memory leak or something and the client stops abruptly:

The window for duplicacy ends with this:

Tried with -d (debug) on and did not get anything different…

Not entirely sure how I will be able to perform my backup on this client… @gchen would you be able to confirm when this new memory management will be released? Thanks!

You can split this backup job. For instance, you can create one backup job for each subdirectory, if there aren’t many subdirectories. Or you can create two backup jobs with different include/exclude patterns so that different files are backed up in each job.

The memory usage is highly related to the number of files to be backed up so by splitting a big backup job into smaller ones you reduce the number of files in each backup job.


Thanks! I’d really like to have an update on when it is expected to have better memory management… would you be able to share a timeline for that? Thanks!

My current plan is to release the feature in mid June. In the past I had given out estimates that turned out to be too optimistic but this one should be closer – the changes on the backup procedure have been largely finished; what is left to be done is the new restore procedure.


I am excited to see the new release. Any updates? Thanks!

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I have already been running the new version for my own backups for a week. All unit and system tests have passed. But I still want to give it a bit more baking time so I plan to release it by the end of next week (in the form of a PR).