Is -ignore-owner still required for Web-UI restores?

When restoring some files via the Duplicacy Web-UI, I’m getting ERROR RESTORE_CHOWN semi-failures (the files actually restore successfully, so I’m not sure why this causes Duplicacy to throw a failure alert, but that is a separate question). Searching the forums, I see that the -ignore-owner option for restore has been recommended in the past as a workaround for this error. Most of those threads/posts are a few years old at this point, though, so I wonder if that is still the case? Is ERROR RESTORE_CHOWN still a known issue for Web-UI restore operations? And if so, what is the current best practice for successfully restoring via the Web-UI?

The error just means that Duplicacy doesn’t have the permission to change the owner for some files. If you run Duplicacy as root or administrator you should be able to restore those files without -ignore-owner.

Ah, the service account I had created to run Duplicacy Web-UI is not a privileged user. I’ll look into modifying my setup.