Is the CLI included in the "duplicacy-web" Docker?

Does the docker container “duplicacy-web” (Docker) also contain the command line (CLI) version too?

The CLI binary strangely doesn’t appear to be included in the docker.

~ # duplicacy
sh: duplicacy: not found

Thank you.

No, it doesn’t. Duplicacy Web GUI downloads the correct version based on the settings. And after it does, it is not called “duplicacy”, the name contains platform and version. You can find it in /config folder.

In fact, the :mini tag of the container (which is recommended one to use for most people) does not contain Duplicacy Web either. It too is downloaded and kept up to date based on configuration.

This decouples container update from software update, and unless there are bugs discovered in the container itself (including base image), there is no need to ever update it and yet keep receiving up to date versions of DuplicacyWeb.