Is the google drive token reusable?

Maybe a dumb question: If I retrieve the authorization/token for a specific Google Drive account, is that token/file then usable on all my duplicacy clients (and repositories)? Or do I need to download a separate token for each repository?

All accounts. All you have to do is copy it to all your computers where you use duplicacy.

Basically all the token file does is replace your user/pass for Google account. Since you have a single account, you can think that you need a single token file (for everything related to duplicacy)

OK, that downloaded an OAuth2 token and refresh token for use. In my experience, if you run a utility on multiple machines, eventually one of those utility executions will need to use the refresh token to get a new access token (renewing the cycle).

That works until starting the utility on another machine, which will encounter a problem with the current token - it is likely expired - and tries to use the refresh token to retrieve a new access token…but the refresh token is now invalid, because it has already been used on a different machine. Things start to break-down fast from there.

How does duplicacy refresh the access token for all configured repositories/hosts without breaking OAuth2 this way?

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OK, so doing a little more research: For Google, specifically, their Refresh Tokens are designed to never expire until the user explicitly revokes access. In this case, they should work the way duplicacy uses them.

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Thanks for the extra info!