Is there a way to "freeze" a revision?

Maybe this is a Feature Request:
Is there a way to “freeze” a revision such that it will NEVER be purged (the entire set of files will be kept) until it is explicitly “unfrozen”…no matter what purge command is affected on that storage?

This would be really helpful for legal-hold and other situations. Could be like a special “Tag”.



The prune command can delete any revision if the -exclusive option is used, so there isn’t a simple way to freeze a revision.

But I think you can copy the specific revision to a new storage using the copy command and never touch that storage again. This may be safer in my opinion.

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How about letting users define a tag that protects any revision tagged with it?

Yeah, I’m not sure why this isn’t “too difficult” to implement.

I think there’s another recent thread that asked to do something similar, so it’s reasonably common a question/feature-request.

I have never worked with go, but in “duplicacy_snapshotmanager.go” around line 1925, couldn’t you check whether [the current] snapshot.Tag == “Protected” (or some static tag), and ‘continue’ the loop?

That might not be the only place to edit, but that’s probably a primary edit that catches most of the use cases?