Is there a way to undo the deletion of a snapshot revision, if the chunks still exist?

I would like to get back a snapshot revision that seems to have gone through the first step of the pruning process, but not the second step.

I see in the most recent prune log, “Deleted cached snapshot x at revision 3”. However, I don’t think fossil deletion or marking have happened since then. If I understand the process, this means all of revision 3’s chunks should still exist. Is there a way to un-delete revision 3?

This is correct. However, the snapshot file for revision 3 (snapshots/<id>/3) has been deleted, both from the storage and the local cache under .duplicacy/cache. Which storage backend are you using? Some storage services may allow you to recover deleted files.

I’m using Backblaze B2.

Unfortunately Backblaze B2 doesn’t keep a copy anywhere when a file is deleted, so there is no way to ‘undelete’ it.