Is there any way to use as storage backend? is much cheaper than S3 as an offsite backup!

But I can’t find anywhere obvious whether understands a protocol that duplicacy already supports.

They only provide a C++ based SDK to access their storage so it is unlikely Duplicacy will support them.

Mega has a CLI GitHub - meganz/MEGAcmd: Command Line Interactive and Scriptable Application to access MEGA that support:

  • sync
  • backup
  • act as ftp server
  • act as webdav server

You can backup your data to local using duplicacy, then use MEGAcmd to sync it to mega.

You can also use the ftp server in MEGAcmd and use that backend to backup your data.

Simply type ‘ftp /path/to/folder‘ in the MEGAcmd and you get a url for ftp access.

Though duplicacy does not support ftp, you can try to use ftpfs or curlftpfs to mount ftp into your filesystem.

Or you can use the webdav server in MEGAcmd and set duplicacy to backup using webdav, though I am not sure webdav is a good choice for backend.

@gchen once said that webdav is not as good as s3 or sftp backend in duplicacy.

Alternatively, you could use Rclone serve to access the Mega drive over sftp:


Wow, I’ve never know rclone is this powerful.