Issues running on Windows + local drive is OneDrive



Hello all.

I am having an issue running Duplicacy on Windows 10. I clock on the icon and nothing happens. The interface does not shows up. Any idea?

Also, I would like to know if there are any issues about backing up my local OneDrive folder. Several backup utilities do not handle well the called “sparse points” that OneDrive uses (files in the cloud that are not downloaded yet). In my case, I do not care, since all my files are locally downloaded excepto for an explicit folder.


Please don’t backup the OneDrive folder. Sometimes it works but some other times it doesn’t. Windows magics happening there.


Which icon did you click, the bigger application icon or the small system tray icon? How about right clicking the system tray icon and selecting Open?


On your Onedrive issue, I have successfully backed up Onedrive, but there are issues you should be aware of, you can read about here :-

Summary is I had to backup the OneDrive location separately, and could not just do it from a directory that I Symlinked the OneDrive folder from.


If you have enabled “Files on-demand” on the first tab in the OneDrive preferences, then the OneDrive folder is a reparse point and backing it up is not supported (Nor should it be, in my opinion, since if not all files are present what exactly is being backed up becomes non-deterministic)

If on the other hand you have not enabled files-on-demand then OneDrive folder is just a normal folder and will be backed up normally.