It's on babyyyyyy



@gchen, Congratulations on getting this done. My question is: do you intend to replace the “issues” part of your website with discourse?

Also, how comes you didn’t want any of our help with this?


Thanks @gchen !

I’m sure this forum will greatly help support efforts


Yes, “issues” should be replace by “forum” which becomes a link to this forum.

I need help on importing issues. Do you have any experience?


Unfortunately, with that i have none.

I do know that discourse has an API, and most likely, since your current “forum” is not using any mainstream forum software (think phpBB or some others), you could try and import your existing posts by calling said API.

Do you think this is a good solution?


Create a new category “Imported Issues” and put them all there.


Found this:


You owe me 10 cents…:laughing:

From: Search previously answered question

And I also think that the entry in the above menu could be “forum”, not “issues”.


Did tophee see the topic? He seems to know Discourse well.


Congratulations @gchen for importing the issues so fast. NNNNNNNNICE!

I also posted a response for you in this thread, but it seems that somehow said response was lost. No biggie.


Congrats on getting normal forum, finally :slight_smile:


Nice job guys (and/or gals)! New forum looks great!

Now… I have questions… :sunglasses: