Kubernetes Install

I’ve been running my Duplicacy-web instance in a docker-compose install for awhile now. However, I’m now migrating all of my docker-compose items to kubernetes. As part of that, I’m running duplicacy as a kubernetes deployment, and the hostname changes each time I redeploy. Unfortunately as of right now there is no real way to set the hostname. Therefore my license is always set as a trial (eventhough I’ve migrated my configurations over) - and I just noticed that it stopped working after the 30-day trial. Granted, recreating the pod, reset that counter, but I’d like to utilize the license that I have.

Has anyone setup duplicacy with kubernetes and effectively used your license key?

I don’t use kubernetes myself, but can you set the hostname before starting Duplicacy?

In K8 there isn’t a --hostname parameter you can not set (or at least I cannot find one) that is similar to docker’s for a deployment. However, I may try to setup a statefulset for this.

Mostly just curious if anyone else has gone down this path with a solution before spending time on it :smile:

Well, statefulset is the answer with a single replica. Therefore the Pod is always spun up with a hostname of <statefulsetName>-0.

Updated my license file with the new name, and all is good!