Licence problem webgui version macosx

I used the personal licence for about 2 months. Backup stopped working, message was licence expired. Then I installed the latest version, still the same problem.

my hostname ist imac-ubm:
imac-ubm-1:~ ubm$ scutil --get LocalHostName

hostname on the customer page ist:

when i try to activate with the activation code i get the following error:
Failed to download the license: License error: Activation code has already been assigned to host imac-ubm. Please log in to your Duplicacy customer page to change the host

changing the hostname does not solve the problem.

Any ideas?
can the webgui be started in a debug mode to get additional informations?
Thnaks Urs

The correct host name should be the one returned by scutil --get HostName or simply hostname. If the host name is a fully-qualified domain name then Duplicacy only takes the first component.