Licence question

just bought a 1 year renewal of my licence. do i have to enter that number into duplicacy or does it just continue working now that i’ve paid?

Currently, you have to re-enter it.

This is something I’d like to see changed if it’s possible. Having to manage remote installs can be a bit of a pain.

thanks Droolio, i will enter it in. ya, that would be hard remotely… thanks for the answer!

No, if it is a renewal you don’t need to re-enter the code. The web GUI should update it by itself.

oh, i just entered it and it worked fine. thanks guys.

I’ve always had to re-enter the code - renewing before the renewal date, but then seeing backups fail due to an expired licence. Hence having to re-enter the code. This is on about 7 or so systems, including 2 personal.

Once thing that’s occurred to me though; I never though to restart the client(s) before entering the code. Maybe a restart would re-activate it?

@Droolio you’re right. Sorry I forgot that the web GUI doesn’t check with the server when the expiration date is near.