License and push or pull (distributed v centralised) questions?

Hi there. First time in this forum and i haven’t done much with playing with Duplicacy yet. I had a bit of a dabble with the new web-gui and it was really nice (though a tad limited). I also played with the CLI which had me pretty baffled i’m afraid. I have some comments unrelated to THIS post - i’ll post them elsewhere… is there a specific place for the beta web-gui feedback?

Sorry, back to it - i’m a home user, and i’m deciding whether or not to use this or Duplicati, or whatever else. I’ve played a bit with Duplicati, and i quite like it - but development is very slow and it still has a reputation of being slow and with a few fairly serious issues. So i should explore :slight_smile:

My house is a combination of Windows and Linux hosts and i’m in the process of saving up to build an unRAID server. I don’t have experience with such an environment and i’m wondering HOW i should run Duplicacy. With a family of four, and a growing number of devices as kids start dabbling at school and i start dabbling everywhere else i’m wondering if i should get a license for each machine, or run it centrally - perhaps in a Docker - and have it pull, rather than each client push. Is that feasible?

As an aside, although i normally really dislike subscriptions, it can be a more sustainable model for the author/developer and when they’re as reasonable as they are it no longer irks.I commend the authors and i have no problem paying what would probably be about $20/year for my hosts (and my parents hosts incidentally).

Lastly, is this project FOSS or GPL or ?

Cheers :slight_smile: