License expired after 4 months?

I purchased a personal license back in July, and I noticed today that my backups weren’t working. It looks like my license has expired. I thought I purchases a 1 year license, not a 4 month license… How can I get this fixed?

Your license already expired when you renewed it. For renewals, our licensing system starts the license period from last expiration time, not from the purchase time. I can manually adjust the expiration time for you, but then you won’t be able to upgrade the license to a lifetime one during our annual Black Friday promotions.

I purchased one license. It is not expired right now. Can i extend it on Black Friday though?

Hrmm, could you adjust the expiration date so it expires right before the Black Friday promotion starts? This way I’m not left unprotected for the next week.


I’ve manually adjusted the expiration date to one year from the time it was renewed.

Great, thank you very much!