License invalid due to blocked public IP address

I believe it’s because my public IP address was blocked recently (possibly a few weeks ago) from Acrosync’s servers. I am unable to reach as well.

However it only works after using a VPN service.
It’d be impractical for me to be using the VPN service for the scheduled backups every time.

Is there a work around for this issue?
Is the license validity checking done at every backup?
I don’t really mind using the VPN to check in if it’s done weekly.

Thank you.

P.S. Unable to use the “Create a new ticket” button in the customer page, since it’s not functional for me.

We don’t block ip addresses. But is hosted on Google App Engine and Google may block your ip address. Can you PM me your ip address?

The license check happens once a month so if you check in weekly via VPN it should be fine.


Thank you for the prompt response.
I"ve sent you the PM.

When you said the license check happens once a month, does it start counting from the last time of a successful backup, or is there any other manual way of checking in?

I’ll create a second license server that you should be able to connect to.


Thanks, but it’s too much of a hassle.
I can easily check in once a month using VPN.

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