License Issue with New Mac

I purchased a lifetime license in November, 2020. I have bought a new Mac and have tries moving the license from the old Mac. I opened the license page and entered the name of my new Mac and the license page shows:

“The license code *** [license code] has been activated on the computer ***i [new Mac name]. You can transfer it to a different computer
by entering a new computer name below: …”.

When I open the Backup tab in the web app, it shows the new Mac’s name, but the word “expired” by it. When I click on it and enter the license code and attempt to click activate, nothing happens. Can you please help me resolve this and tell me if I will have to clear out the previous backup job and re-enter it since all my files and file structure were migrated over from the old Mac? Thanks for any help you can give me.

On the license page change the host name to *-*-*. That is, replace spaces in your host name with -. After that you should be able to activate the license.

The backup tab should show the host name with -, not spaces. If it doesn’t then it is a bug.

Unfortunately, the suggestion didn’t work (I double checked my host name using terminal and inserted the dashes.) The backup page still shows expired and that I am using a trial license. Next step(s)?

You changed the host name correctly but from the server log it looks like you haven’t activated the license again after the host name change. Click on the link that says expired or trial to bring up the activation dialog where you can enter your license code.

I have tried that more than once, but even after I enter the code, the activation button/toggle is grayed out.

The activation button will remain grayed unless the code has the right length (32 characters). You probably have copied and pasted some extra spaces.

Well, that is embarrassing. I was copying the code of a .pdf of the email you sent in November 2020 and it was seeing two of the characters as one. When I hand entered the code and voilà, success. Sorry for the bother.

You’re not alone - had this happen myself recently when renewing Duplicacy licenses.

It’s a fairly common issue with lots of things when copying and pasting codes or passwords from emails and such. A lot of the time, double-clicking highlights blank spacing to the left and/or right of the word, and gets included. Visually, nothing is amiss. A fix is to careful drag the selection out.

So wouldn’t say it’s a problem with Duplicacy specifically, but maybe it could be clever enough to trim those spaces instead…

Droolio, thanks for the kind words. I agree that it was a user, not Duplicacy, issue. I learned a lesson that will definitely be useful in the future.