License shows expired but is valid

Hi - I’m getting a strange error on one of my computers that has been working successfully for awhile. It’s showing that the license does not expire until October of this year, while at the same time showing a backup error that it will not backup because the license is invalid.

I searched through some of the other posts related to expired licenses but didn’t see anything similar to this one.

Could I please get some help reviewing this? Thank you.

Try to register it again with the same key. The license is unfortunately tied to a hostname so if the hostname changes the license is invalidated

Thanks for the quick reply. I did try that before hosting and it wouldn’t accept it there either. The hostname in the list of licenses on the customer page matches the hostname on the computer (minus the domain suffix… does that matter?). i.e. hostname = JC-MacBookPro… FQDN = JC-MacBookPro.domain.local (which I don’t think has changed).

Please let me know if you have any other ideas.

The server log indicated that the activation with the license code was successful. Can you double check that?

I had the same issue this morning - but re-registering the old license key seems to fix the issue for me.

Yes, thank you. It must have been a temporary issue as it recovered itself after my last post. Thank you for the quick replies here.

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