License Types - Personal vs Commercial yearly cost? Lifetime options?

I am looking at the following chart Duplicacy

It is clear that personal licenses are a yearly cost, but are commercial licenses also a yearly cost?

Is there any option for a lifetime license? Or are there some promotions throughout the year which I should be aware of which would give me a lifetime license?

Yes, the cost for commercial license is yearly too.

You’ll have a chance to upgrade your personal license to a lifetime one during the Thanksgiving week. Last year was the first time we ran this promotion and we’ll definitely do it again this year.

Thanks! I am looking at buying a few licenses. Are there any promotion codes available currently?

Volume discounts are available if you’re buying more than 10 commercial licenses. For personal licenses, you can enter your existing license code as the promo code if you already own one and are looking for more.

Thanks, I dont have any licences as of yet but looking to purchase at least 2 for personal use and was wondering if theres discount codes :smiley:.

@gchen You’re making a package for the v1000 Synology. In my case, that’s the only place where I’ll be using Duplicacy, to backup my NAS to B2.

Which license would apply for that use case? and this would be commercial in my case. I want to pay you.

I’m currently using HyperBackup, and to call it molasses slow would be very polite. I’m told Duplicacy is a much better solution.


Aaron Kulbe

@gchen ran a promo for a lifetime license last Black Friday and said that he will do so again this year. And the nice thing is that you got a credit for the remaining days over your then-current license.

So your best bet will likely be to buy a one-year license and then buy the lifetime license this coming Black Friday.

As crazy as it might sound… I’d actually rather keep paying @gchen for a subscription, even though a lifetime license would be cheaper.

Continuing to get income helps folks want to stay working on a product, a lot of the time.

I want him to be well compensated for his work! :raised_hands:t2:


Yes, makes total sense. In fact I was surprised that he offered a lifetime license to begin with and I’m not sure that he did himself a favor with that. But IIRC he did mention that his focus would be more on commercial customers, so perhaps this is just a way to entice even more private users to use the software and then advocate in their company for its use.

In any case it’s a delicate balance to find a formula for commercial success.

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