Black Friday Offer: Lifetime Personal Licenses

For a limited time, you can now upgrade your existing personal licenses to lifetime. To do this, you’ll need to log into, and renew the licenses. There will be an option for lifetime upgrade on the form where it shows the prices.

The price for the upgrade is basically the price of a 10-year license minus the amount that you’ve already paid. Therefore, a lifetime license would cost $65 for the first license, and $28 for each additional license. If you own one 1-year license, for example, you’ll need to pay $65 - $20 = $45 for the upgrade. For each additional 1-year license, you’ll need to pay $28 - $10 = $18 for the upgrade.

Please make sure that the amount shown on the license order form is correct before purchasing. If you see anything wrong please reply below.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Edit: This offer has expired but we’ll definitely do it again next year.


This is awesome.

If I wanted to add a third license to my existing 2, 3-year licenses, I’d just purchase the third copy first, then later the lifetime for all 3?

A belated Happy Thanksgiving. :slight_smile:

I bought more licenses for 5 years.
But when I try to upgrade to lifetime the transaction fails with the message “invalid promotional code”. Could you look into it @gchen?
And happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, that is correct.

You don’t need to enter your existing license as the promotional code. The prices for the lifetime upgrade should be calculated automatically to reflect the discounts for additional licenses.

That was it!
Thank you so much! :blush:

Hello, is it possible to know when this limited time offer is going to end?

The reason I ask is I am new to Duplicacy (came here from reddit while researching how to best backup my Synology), and am still currently evaluating my options (vs. hyperbackup etc). It’d be great if I can get an idea when I need to make my decision by to take advantage of the discount.


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I plan to take it offline in 3 hours. Please don’t rush your decision and instead take the advantage of the 30-day trial. You can just buy a 1-year license if you’re happy. This offer will be available again next Thanksgiving.


Argh…two hours too late :frowning:

I’m a day late, was hopeing to find something good for cyber monday only to find that I missed the BF deal. Ah well, I’ll set a calendar reminder for next year I suppose :slight_smile:

Bugger. I only got the email today. Not sure what my forum email update frequency is, at a guess monthly.

Maybe next year if you could email the people who already have a license from your database that’d be nice.

I don’t mind though, the renewal is very reasonable anyway. Reminds me, I should probably update my parents computer to the newer version of Duplicacy.

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