Lifetime personal licenses on Black Friday?

Would anyone be interested in upgrading their personal licenses to lifetime in a Black Friday deal?

As I said before, a reasonable price for a lifetime license would be the one equivalent to a 10-year license. So it will be $65 for the first license, and $28 for each additional, but you’ll only need to pay the difference between the total and what you’ve already paid. For example, to update a 1-year license to a lifetime one, you’ll pay $45.

Please reply or like if you’re interested. Any suggestions are welcome.


I have mixed feelings about it. It’s definitely is going to be awesome for users (as a customer I’m all for it of course!); but I don’t see how can it be good for Acrosync without some grim projections and assumptions and feel uneasy: why put a stop in a future on a stream of payments from current users for a short term boost of revenue? Is Duplicacy projected to be less competitive in the future or canceled? No idea; maybe it does make sense financially.

But yes, as a user I’d jump on it :). I prepaid my web site registration for 10 years to not forget to renew — why would I not do the same with Duplicacy and never have to pay again :slight_smile: — this alone overweighs the opportunity cost of paying upfront.


I would be interested.
In fact, it would be great.
Count me in. :smiley:
But only if it doesn’t compromise the financial viability of the company.

I think as a company lifetime makes sense only if you already have sustainable recurring revenue and you need to finance Capex.
I would get 10 licenses.


This lifetime upgrade will be for personal licenses only. I expect that after 10 years the recurring revenue from personal license renewals will be very small compared with the revenue from commercial licenses so this offer should not have any significant financial impact.

Don’t worry, Duplicacy isn’t not going away and I’m committed to continuing the long-term development. Lock-free deduplication and the database-less design are still unparalleled. RSA encryption and erasure coding are two advanced features that are yet to be found in competitors. The next thing to tackle is memory optimization (an attempt earlier this year failed but now I got the right idea and will work on it after the next web GUI release). Duplicacy will only get better over time.


I too am interested, so long it does not jeopardize the financial viability of the developer.

As a home user who recently discovered the project this is something I would jump on.

Y’know, I didn’t think I minded either way, but for my 2 personal licenses… actually, hell yea! Count me in, too. :slight_smile:

In fact, I’ve recently been mulling adding a third licence - for my NAS (which I currently only use CLI to do copy jobs) - and was put off coz my OCD insists I wait till next August to sync up the expiration dates lol. Not having to deal with payment reminders for personal licences would be pretty sweet.

Absolutely I’m convinced there’s nothing that comes close to Duplicacy’s design and flexibility for rock-solid backups.

Let us know how do we proceed then. Will there be a special link? :innocent:

The offer is live. See the forum post: Black Friday Offer: Lifetime Personal Licenses

Why the github page states that Duplicacy is Free for personal use? Is it a lie?

The CLI version is free for personal use. The GUI version requires a licence.

Then the license section of the Github page is at least misleading. Thank you.

Not really. The github page is for the CLI version, where only the CLI source code is open there. The licence section describes the difference between personal and commercial use of the CLI version.