Licensing without internet connection

Hi. I’m planning to use Duplicacy for my “always-isolated-from-internet-FileServer”. That seems to mean that the license file which is loaded on first start cannot be retrieved. I suppose that the file is machine-dependant. My server has (and will not have) Internet connection. How can I get (and preserve active during the valid periods) a Duplicacy license for it?
Thanks in advance.
(Excuse me if this question has been answered before, but I’ve reviewed the Forum and didn’t find any thread related to this).

The web GUI requires an internet connection to download the license from our license server. If you need to run Duplicacy on a computer without internet, then running the CLI version would be a better option which can run without a license for personal use.

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Perhaps it is important to add that the Internet is only needed to activate the license. Then the Duplicacy GUI can run offline (certainly several months - I don’t know if there is a limit).