Lifetime licenses?

Hello! I am highly interested in purchasing. However, I would need a lifetime license. I do not like or support ongoing licensing models (I’m looking at you, Adobe). I would gladly pay $50 or $100 if you offered a flat one-time payment option. I am interested in the web version.

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PS: I just used it last night and Duplicacy is lightyears ahead of Duplicati. I was able to run parallel backups to OneDrive in less than a third of the time of Duplicati, with only a third of the CPU utilization, and without a single hiccup or error mid-backup. Contrast that with Duplicati whose sluggish OneDrive uploads have been an open issue on their GitHub for years now which has gone unfixed. Duplicati backups often end in failure and having it start scheduled does not work at all, either. Traversing folders in a Duplicati backup in remote cloud storage is also a test in patience, taking a minute or more (contrast that with seconds for the initial load of Duplicacy and no waiting afterward) to snake through and traverse each and every directory level. Duplicati may have a boatload of features with a pretty coat of UI paint, but it is really a broken-down tugboat with untested features bolted on. Duplicacy actually works, it is lightweight, it is super simple, and it just does its job which is exactly all I want from a backup program.

EDIT: Man, I love threads. I decided to do a quick write-up about specifying threads to help a user with the web edition and I thought I might as well give it a try to see what it does. WOW! With the threads argument set to 30 for each of my backup jobs, I get about 8 times the upload speed. A full backup in Duplicati took around 3 hours. By default, I got around an hour in Duplicacy. With the threads specified, I am seeing this take around 7 minutes for a full system backup. Wowzers!


I wonder how many users would be interested in lifetime licenses. From my perspective if you buy a 10-year license I can turn it into a lifetime license, so a reasonable price for lifetime licenses would be $65 for the first personal license, $28 for each additional, and $140 for a commercial license.


I don’t want to argue against life-time licenses (btw (totally off-topic): there are free and open-source alternatives to Adobe Lightroom called Darktable. Their forum might look familiar to some) but you (Gilbert) might want to double-check what exactly you are promising to folks buying a lifetime license…

That would be an awesome price,
If you are serious I’d upgrade on the spot.
(My license is for 5 years bc that was the max term)

That being said I would not advertise a lifetime license.
Let it be off-menu (like the 35k Tesla model 3) :rofl:.

In all seriousness, my fear is that lifetime licenses end up underestimating support costs and slow innovation.
I want Duplicacy to be sustainable and to be constantly improved.

Please Gilbert let us know how could we help you
Are lifetime licenses better for you? would you increase the max term for licenses?

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Agreed. I know of several iOS apps that do this. Lose It!, for example, has an off-menu lifetime subscription buried deep in their support articles. Incidentally, their lifetime price of $189.99 comes to approximately ten years of their yearly cost (though the annual list price is $39.99, it has a year-round discounted rate ranging from $19.99 to $29.99). As a result, though, most people end up paying with the subscription model which ensures a regular stream of sales. Either way, do whatever works best to keep a healthy steady cash flow rolling in…

I also think that lifetime licenses are a little bit cheap @ 100 usd…

Won’t buy 1 even if they are available as i believe having a continuous cash flow would be better for :d: overall, and not risk :d: becoming abandonware.

I would definitely be interested in lifetime licenses.

I would be interested too. Am I correct that one license is only for one device?
For the use of a personal backup duplicacy may become very expensive.
What if I have a family with 3-4 devices?

just saw that there is a model for this case:

lets say a family with 4 devices to backup:
First Year: 20+10+10+10= $50
Second year: 5+2+2+2=$11
Looks fair for me. Nevertheless a fair lifetime license would also be great.

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