Linux file system support

Just discovered Duplicacy after one too many problems with Duplicati.

Looking at the summary of the snapshot file format leaves me wondering if the following Linux file system semantics are supported:

  • Unicode file/directory names (i.e., foreign characters, right-to-left languages)
  • Full file mode/permissions, including setuid, setguid, etc.
  • ACL permission lists
  • User name/group name
  • Extended user attributes
  • Symbolic links
  • Hard links
  • Pipes
  • Character and block device files

I’m also interested in knowing how Duplicacy deals with open files and locked files under Linux.

I’m afraid that I couldn’t find this information by searching and would like to better understand Duplicacy’s capabilities/functionality under Linux.

Thank you for your help!

Duplicacy stores the following metadata in the snapshot file:

  • size
  • mode (read/write/executable for user/group/other, symlink)
  • uid and gid
  • modified time
  • extended attributes

On Linux there isn’t a special handling of open or locked files. The backup command just attempts to open and read each file as long as no error is returned.

Does the extended attribute metadata in the snapshot file include ACL permission lists?

ACL’s on Linux are implemented using extended attributes so I would say the answer to this question is yes, but this is not something I have ever tested.