Linux web edition, best directory for config?

I’m running the web edition on a headless linux sbc.
location of the web edition file is /opt/duplicacy
I’ve created a systemd service to manage running it, all working fine.

Duplicacy has created it’s config files (the directory .duplicacy-web) in root, I can see that I can change this in the settings, but not sure what best practise is for placing the config files.

perhaps under /opt/duplicacy so it’s alongside the exe?

The .duplicacy-web directory is always created under the home directory, unless you change the environment variable HOME before the web edition starts. What you can change in the settings are the locations of logs and repositories. I would place repositories under /tmp and logs under /var/log.

many thanks for response. /tmp is mounted as a 1gb ram disk on my sbc (an odroid xu4 with 2gb of ram) - how much space can repositories consume during operations?