List files in a sub-directory in CLI version?

Is it possible to use the list command to show a list of the files within a particular sub-directory of a snapshot rather than relying on a list of the whole snapshot?

After seeing how the restore command can restore specific files and directories rather than the whole snapshot, I tried similar, including:

duplicacy list -r 4 test-dir/sub-dir/*

duplicacy list -r 4 -files test-dir/sub-dir/*

duplicacy list -r 4 -files /test-dir/sub-dir/*

Each were unsuccessful.

My apologies if I have missed something in the documentation or other forum posts.

It my understanding that in order to show specific files duplicacy needs to read (download and cache) the whole snapshot to then pick out those files, so you might as well just grep by path without sacrificing performance.

e.g. duplicacy list -r 4 --files | grep 'test-dir/sub-dir/'

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t appreciate what would be involved in the background to list specific files.

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