List files in backup revision in web gui

How do you list the files that are backed up in a revision on the web ui? I would like to compare what the changes between 2 revisions were.

The backup log only shows when new files were added to the backup. I wanted to try and find out which files were removed in the latest backup.

For example, let’s say the latest revision is 15. I wanted to compare and see which files were deleted between revision 14 and 15.

Running a backup with the “-enum-only” option doesn’t show me all the files to be backed up. Only the new files that are going to be backed up, and nothing about when files are to be removed. Is this normal?


This is best done via the command line:

cd ~/.duplicacy-web/repositories/locahost/1
~/.duplicacy-web/bin/duplicacy_..._2.2.3 diff -r 14 -r 15
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I am running duplicacy in a docker container. I don’t see a /.duplicacy-web folder

It should be under the home directory inside the docker container. It is usually /.duplicacy-web but could be something else depending on your docker setup.

I am using saspus’s docker image on my synology NAS. These are the folders I see in the home directory of the docker container. Is this configuration different than the normal one?

home directory

I’m using the same container.

The base dir is located at : /root/.duplicacy-web or /config

bash-5.0# pwd
bash-5.0# ls
bin             duplicacy.json  filters         licenses.json   machine-id      settings.json   stats

FYI, that directory (listed as /config in docker) is likely also mounted on the host volume. It has the stuff you want to keep when the container gets recycled:

Destination: /config, Mode: rw, Propagation: rprivate, RW: true, Source: /myhost/duplicacy/config

My binary was located inside the /config/bin folder, but seems like it doesn’t recognize my storages

bash-5.0# ls
Volumes   config   home   media   proc   sbin   tmp   bin   dev   lib   mnt   root   srv   usr   cache   etc   logs   opt   run   sys   var
bash-5.0# cd config
bash-5.0# ls
bin   filters   machine-id   stats   duplicacy.json   licenses.json   settings.json                                              
bash-5.0# cd bin
bash-5.0# ls
bash-5.0# ./duplicacy_linux_x64_2.3.0 list
Repository has not been initialized

I’m not really a duplicacy/docker expert, but it looks like you need to be in a different place before the command would work. I don’t exactly know why …

bash-5.0# pwd
bash-5.0# /config/bin/duplicacy_linux_x64_2.3.0 list
Repository set to /my_backup_root
Storage set to wasabi://
Enter storage password:**********************
Snapshot id1 revision 1 created at 2020-01-05 13:14 -hash
Snapshot id1 revision 4 created at 2020-01-07 17:34