Listing session expired web version

trying to restore a file on my home pc… i dont really have that much stuff…

as i drill down and try to list the folders contents i keep getting an error that says listing session expired as soon as i open the revision… is there a reg change i can make to get this to stop happening like the vss timeout change that you had to make to the previous version

There should be relevant log messages in ~/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log. Can you post them here?

2019/07/24 19:52:10 Total files: 741673
2019/07/24 19:52:10 Listed 740755 files for backup XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX revision 7888 in the storage XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
2019/07/24 19:52:53 POST /list_restore_directory
2019/07/24 19:52:57 POST /list_restore_directory
2019/07/24 19:53:01 POST /list_restore_directory
2019/07/24 19:53:23 Deleted listing session jn09m
2019/07/24 19:53:23 Invalid session
2019/07/24 19:54:02 POST /list_restore_directory
2019/07/24 19:54:02 Listing session jn09m doesn't exist or expired
2019/07/24 19:56:07 POST /list_restore_directory
2019/07/24 19:56:07 Listing session jn09m doesn't exist or expired

second attempt same thing

2019/07/24 20:12:07 POST /list_restore_directory
2019/07/24 20:12:08 POST /list_restore_directory
2019/07/24 20:12:48 POST /list_restore_directory
2019/07/24 20:13:02 POST /list_restore_directory
2019/07/24 20:13:25 Deleted listing session z99y6
2019/07/24 20:13:25 Invalid session
2019/07/24 20:13:34 POST /list_restore_directory
2019/07/24 20:13:34 Listing session z99y6 doesn't exist or expired
2019/07/24 20:13:56 POST /list_local_directory
2019/07/24 20:14:18 POST /list_local_directory
2019/07/24 20:26:09 GET /

is there a timeout for the session???

There is a 10 second timeout for the session, but as long as the restore page is kept open, it will send a status query to restart the timeout every second, so the timeout won’t happen in normal cases. One scenario I can think of is where there are too many files under one directory, so it may take more than 10 seconds to list the directory and the status queries are delayed. Is this the case for you?

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this happens at the root level… just trying to open the first folder which does contain about 50 subfolders

Have seen the same today. It’s in the restore UI. Google Drive here.

Let’s say there’s a folder X1 with many items (150k files). It has also subfolder Y. Now I open this folder X1. First Duplicacy has to list any files and folders in X1. After that has been done, I want to open subfolder Y, but it says “Listing session expired”. So I cannot open the subfolder Y for a more specific restore. The only thing I can do is restore the whole subfolder Y.

i had to just sit there and let it index the whole thing… took forever but eventually it worked… and i have about 4tb of info