Little doubt - tray icon

I’ve been playing around with web version customization (just to better understand it) in two notebooks, and now decided to remove the customized tray icons (icons folder).

However, in one of them, the original icon reappeared as green (in the standby mode and the animated version, when it is running) but in the other, gray:

green gray

There is no more state*.* icons. Both notebooks with Win10 and running 1.3.1 version.

Any ideias?

Maybe windows icon cache got confused?

You can stop explorer and delete iconcache* files from C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer and/or tray icon streams From registry as described here: How to Clean the Taskbar Notification Area Icon Cache in Windows 7 - Microsoft Community

Good idea, tried but it didn’t work. I deleted iconcache* files and cleared the registry, then restarted but the icon is still gray …

I also thought it could be Windows dark mode, I disabled it but the icon is still gray.

The icon is gray because on that computer you don’t have a schedule set up yet.

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Nope, I have 4 schedules, with backups and checks. And they are working normally.

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Do you have "dark_mode": true in settings.json?


Bingo! Solved! Thanks.

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