Local application indicates 'Invalid or Expired License' for new license

Hello! I purchased a personal license a couple months ago and successfully created a backup. It just dawned on me that it wasn’t running this regularly, so I attempted to add a ‘schedule’ today. However, the schedule page indicates that I have an “Invalid or expired license”.

I checked the ‘Licenses’ page (/licenses) and while it showed my activation key there was no way to see/apply/change anything else.


Upon further inspection, opening the browser console allowed me to see that the ‘host’ table cell contains an with nothing between the anchor tags to make it visible. I edited this to include text, and then I was able to click/open the modal which says “The license code _____ has been activated on the computer . You can transfer it to a different computer by entering a new computer name below”

I do not want to transfer it to a different computer.

How can this be resolved?

It looks like you haven’t activated your license. Go to the backup page and click the link next to the host name on the top left corner and then enter your activation code in the activation dialog.

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