Local backups while initially seeding remote backup?

I’ve set up Duplicacy with a local storage backup of approximately 5TB. I’m performing a copy operation to my IDrive E2 account, but it is very slow, with an estimated time of 60 days to upload. I don’t necessarily want to skip further local backups for two months, but it also seems inadvisable to run a local backup (thus creating a new revision) while the original revision is still uploading to the cloud. But I could be wrong, so I guess that’s the question. What’s the best way to handle this? Thanks!

What is your ISP speed and medium ?

How many threads are you running the jobs at !

It’s perfectly fine. Duplicacy is fully concurrent.

I would however caution you against using E2. You can search this and other forums for the reasons.


My upload speed is 40 Mbps. I didn’t specify a number of threads, so it’s probably just one. I assume additional threads help with splitting files into blocks and encrypting them. But it’s already done the first part, and I didn’t set the remote storage to be encrypted because I figured if it’s copy compatible with the encrypted local storage, then that’s already done too. So it seems like all that’s left is just to upload.

I will research other providers again. I started with Hetzner storage boxes transferring over SFTP but gave up because, ironically, it was so slow.

Additional threads are parallelizing the upload.

Then it’s not encrypted. I would do the opposite: local unencrypted and remote —encrypted.

Nope. Copy operation decrypts and the-encrypts the data. If you wanted to just copy files as is — you could create -bit-identical storage instead. In this case not only chunking configuration but also encryption keys would have been the same. (Keys, that are in the config file, not necessarily the encryption password, that encrypts the config file)

Good information. Thank you for your time!