Local storage in linux NTFS-3G vs NTFS problems

I need some help. Running OMV 5 (migrated from 4). I have my local storage backup go to an NTFS drive. I had on OMV on purpose mounted this with NTFS-3G to ensure linux permissions were correctly written. Migrating to OMV 5 it rewrote the fstab file without me noticing and since September it has been mounted as NTFS only. I have now remounted the drive as NTFS-3G but I am wondering what this means in terms of revisions. For all the changes since September do I need to somehow do a new backup, do I have to start again with a complete fresh backup. I also have an online backup using the copy command from local storage and ideally I would love not to have to start all over again given I have a slow upload speed and it takes several weeks to upload the data. Thanks for the help.

The file metadata are stored inside snapshot chunks, so the disk type of the destination storage doesn’t matter.

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Thanks a lot for this reply. Does this mean I can leave it to mount as NTFS without the NTFS-3g option in fstab and Duplicacy is basically agnostic to this? Without NTFS-3g are you sure if will properly record the file permissions? Sounds like the answer is yes but I don’t want to be faced with six months down the line a linux system I cannot restore so hence I want to be 100% sure I got your answer. Thanks again!

You’re correct. File permissions are recorded internally in the backups so they are unrelated to the file permissions of those chunks files stored in the destination storage.

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