Log Output Settings

I´ve just recently started using Duplicacy the GUI Docker version on UnRaid.
Really good application and software, i am trying to monitor backupstatus via the log report function to email after each schedule run daily.

But the log is really big every day thousands of lines to read through, and the most of it is INFO of each file copied to the storage.
But i only need to know WARN or Error status, but there is no settings in the GUI that i can see, and i´ve tried setting the option on the backup command in the schedule job as -threads 4 -suppress INFO, but it says Option Error, it does not accept the settings.

Anyone who can shed some light on the situation, would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards and a Merry Christmas to all.
//Rasmus P.

The Web UI uses the INFO output to update its progress bars, and I don’t know of a way to turn it off. I use this Python wrapper script to scan the CLI output and log appropriate warning/error/status messages. You’d need to replace the calls to the QNAP log_tool command with your choice of notification service.

Okey thanks for the reply, sounds like a solid solution but sounds rather invasive at the moment as i only want to filter the log.

And I’m not running the backup on a QNAP system, it’s running in a UnRaid Docker.

Would it be possible to output the log as a file attached in the email instead of all the text in the email itself. With a logfile it would be easier to handle and search through rather than an email that is really big and takes a lot of time to even open.


You can add -s UPLOAD_FILE as a global option to the backup job. This will get rid of a lot of those uploaded file messages and should significantly reduce the log size.

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