Logs display on chrome/firefox in Windows-1252 encoding instead of UTF-8

On chrome/firefox, the logs are displaying the text file in Windows-1252 encoding. This causes non-ASCI characters to display as something else. For example, β displays as β

For many years, I’ve been using an extension to force chrome to load the page with UTF-8 encoding: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/set-character-encoding/bpojelgakakmcfmjfilgdlmhefphglae?hl=en

But recently, the extension seems to not work properly anymore; maybe from one of the recent chrome updates. When used, the line breaks are removed and the font changes to a different font, making it extremely difficult to read the logs

I’m wondering if there is another solution/workaround to this issue? Is there some way the web page can tell the browser to load the pages in UTF-8 encoding?