long initial upload... just looking for some ideas


I have a friend who is attempting to backup to my house across the country using sftp.

He has about 175GB sent so far but things seem to have REALLY slowed down now and he says he gets the beach ball most of the time from the gui.

Any ideas on what perhaps we could look at to troubleshoot this?

Thanks for a great product!!


Running the CLI version would make the diagnosis easier:

cd \path\to\repository
c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Duplicacy\duplicacy_win_x64_2.0.9.exe" -d -log backup -stats

The CLI executable can be found under c:\Program Files (x86)\Duplicacy if you installed Duplicacy for all users, or /Applications/Duplicacy.app/Contents/Resources/ if it is a Mac computer.

For a resumed backup, the speed as reported by Duplicacy may far exceed the upload bandwidth at the beginning, because many chunks that already exist on the storage are counted in the calculation. Once it starts to actually upload new chunks the reported speed may drop significantly and become more realistic.