Looking for some clarification regarding CLI Licensing


Hi there,

We are a hosting provider and we are looking for a backup tool to replace our current backup solution; Idera/R1soft, that we are unsatisfied with.

We only need CLI access, so we’ve been looking at the CLI license however we are uncertain how the licensing works in our case; our plan is to backup the VMs we manage for our customers and develop our own wrapper / GUI for the customers that they can use to perform restores through our portal.

The Github page says the following:

  • Non-trial commercial use requires per-user CLI licenses available from duplicacy.com at a cost of $20 per year
  • A user is defined as the computer account that creates or edits the files to be backed up; if a backup contains files created or edited by multiple users for commercial purposes, one CLI license is required for each user

For us, “the customer” edits / creates the files to be backed up, however we cannot give a number to this. There could be hundreds of users per server we are backing up. This is something our customer controls and we have no insight in.

Does this mean we need a CLI license for each server we are backing up? Or 1 license for every employee within our company that manages the backups for the servers of our customers?

Or is our usecase incompatible with the CLI license and do we need a Commercial GUI license instead (1 per server)? In this case, is there any discount for bulk? We would need around 300 licenses after migrating everything from Idera/R1soft to Duplicacy.



The clause to allow GUI-licensed machines to run the CLI version is specifically designed for use cases like this. I’ll message you a quote regarding the discount.