Mac errors after sleep


OSX 10.13.4

I’ve noticed that after waking my mac I sometimes see an error:

Backup operation returned and error:
ERROR Failed to load the Backblaze B2 storage at <…>: Post <…>/b2_authorize_account: dial tcp: lookup no such host

Any tips to stop this?


You can increase the wakeup delay by running this command in Terminal:

defaults write com.acrosync.mac.duplicacy WakeUpDelay 60

The default delay is 10 seconds.

This is explained in the last section of the user guide:


Ok, I increased the wakeupdelay to 60 seconds but this is still happening. I’ll try much longer, 300 seconds, but…
Any other ideas?

In my case, there is a network that the laptop is very quickly connected to.
However, if the implication is this is a network issue, what if there is no network? These are laptops that will often wake where there is no network…


This has been driving me up the wall as well (don’t get me wrong: I like Duplicacy very much!) - every time I open my laptop, there’s this error window. And every time I work off-line on my laptop, there are more error windows. In the end, I have to quit it to work (and then forget to launch it again when the network is back again).

They may not be the exact same issues, but it’d be nice if Duplicacy would not complain if there is no network. BTW, there’s a way to find out when the network comes back up - that’s why Safari refreshes its windows automatically. Very convenient.

(macOS 10.13.4, Duplicacy 2.1.0)