Major check/prune scheduling bug in duplicacy-web

(1) duplicacy-web does not send an email on failure for a check task
(2) if a schedule has a check task and a prune task, and if the check task fails (e.g. “Missing chunk”), duplicacy-web still runs the prune task

the combination of the above 2 bugs have caused me great pain. my checks kept failing for months and I never got any emails, and the prunes kept chipping away more snapshots snow-balling the issue.

No email at all, or an email that didn’t say something was wrong? I get emails for my check/prune operations.

IIRC, i use {{status}} to indicate whether success or otherwise, and i set up mail filters so if it does not say “success” then it goes to my inbox instead of a sub-folder.

You can check in ~/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log if emails were sent out.