Make storage or Backup-ID match the real data


I’m running once again into this simple question and simple task, but I’m not sure if there is an easy solution.

Ran out of disk space… I want to just flatten my backup to a) have one revision (prune [-all -keep 0:1]?) and b) delete anything, that’s not in the source directories.
Simply like “delete and then recreate anything” - without the need to really recreate anything that’s already on both sides.

If I were using the simplest of approaches, i.e. just working with file copies, I’d use Total Commanders directory sync tool for this.

But this is a backup solution, i.e. things get complicated.


prune -all -keep 0:1 should work. If there are revisions not removed by -keep 0:1 you can specify the revisions like prune -r 1 -r 2 -r 3. After than, run prune -exclusive -exhaustive (when no backups are running) to clean up the storage.

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